Monetary Arithmetic: A Examine Information for Examination FM


Alexander Solla studied Mathematics at Reed College. Alexander has helped hundreds of students pass Exam P and FM. He has worked as a medical insurance analyst, designed and developed algorithms to detect medical insurance fraud, projected Hollywood movie grosses, and designed statistical quality control programs for major firms. Alexander founded Poisson Labs, a statistical consultancy focusing on optimizing business processes and managing risk, in 2008.



Financial Mathematics: A Study Guide for Exam FM is more than just a study manual. It is a textbook covering all of the essentials you will need to pass the Society of Actuaries’ Exam FM. It covers:

  • the theory of interest
  • annuities and other structured cash flows
  • loans and bonds
  • financial derivatives, including futures, swaps, and options
  • asset-liability management

Financial Mathematics includes 150 problems and solutions, helpful hints and exam tips, and a challenging, realistic practice exam, so that you can be confident that you have mastered the syllabus. Financial Mathematics will be the foundation of your actuarial exam success. Don’t wait, get it today!


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