Zombie-Themed Soda Commercials : Greatest Day Ever

Lemon & Paeroa’s new ‘Greatest Day Ever’ business tells the unlikely story of two strangers — who additionally occur to be zombies — having a day of enjoyable after discovering an outdated can of ‘Refreshingly Totally different’ soda.

The video begins by showcasing a miserable metropolis the place all of the occupants are strolling round aimlessly. After discovering the Refreshingly Totally different beverage, uplifting music begins taking part in and the 2 buddies start bowling, dancing to music, taking part in ball, splashing within the water, and even having a pillow battle. The commerical ends with the 2 new buddies scaring “regular” people and excessive fiving.

Lemon & Paeroa hope these iconic and strange commercials will assist set them aside “by placing a brand new spin on our long run Refreshingly Totally different platform.”


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